Robbin Juris
Robbin Juris has exhibited her prints nationally and internationally at IPCNY (New Prints 2014/Winter), the New York Hall of Science, Connecticut's Discovery Museum, Saxion University in the Netherlands, and Center for Contemporary Printmaking (2nd Biennial Footprint International Exhibition), among others. She developed a strong interest in applying digital technology and techniques to printmaking as a magazine editor at PC Magazine.

About her work, she says "I find that motifs that come from the sciences and mathematics bring me closest to expressing something meaningful about the mysteries of our universe. I am particularly interested in the concept of infinity as it is expressed in the complex patterns and dynamic processes of the natural world, the interplay between chaos and order, and the relationships among forms in nature." Singling out her work at the New York Hall of Science, noted science writer and Nature editor Philip Ball wrote: "I enjoyed most of all the images that seem to push up against the limits of what is knowable, expressible and visualisable in chemistry....Robbin Juris conjures up collages of 'i(c)onic bonds' that look simultaneously like pages from a quantum theory textbook and cubist abstractions."

Originally from New York City, Robbin lives in Stamford, Connecticut, with her husband and their two sons.
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